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Private Property Issue


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I have lived in my apt. Since August and i have not had a fully working stove since my move in. My lanlord finally had one delivered wen i wasnt home and it has been sitting on the back porch waiting to be installed since dec. 13th. I have only 2 working heaters in my home the other 2 dont work and my lanlord came to "fix" them but didnt fix it and wont come back to check. He was aware of my heat problem since before the heat was needed.
Lastly, only one outlet in my living room works and only one in my kitchen which has my fridge plugged in and the stove. I am petrified that will burn out and ruin all my food. My lanlord os terrible and says the reason why he cant fix anything is because im always at work and i wont give him a key. I had to change my locks because when he had the key i had money missing when i got home so i assumed it was him or someone because of him because no one has my keys. But i try to get him to schedule times with me but he always cancels last minute teying to reschedule it to a day i am working when he should have just kept the original appointment we agreed on. He is rediculous and i pay my rent in full every single month. I mentioned to him that in a few months when i want to break my lease and all the issues i have had since i moved in.. I hope he wont give me a problem but sure enough he said he would take me to court. It isnt fair. I just want a safe working home for me and my son.

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