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My name is Blake Farnsworth and I have been a resident of Cottonwood Heights for the last seven years. The reason for my email is to address an issue I have experienced while driving eastbound on 6200 South using the on ramp to enter northbound I-215. If you are familiar with this on ramp, there are two directions of traffic that utilize this on ramp: those who are driving eastbound on 6200 South and those who are driving westbound on 6200 South (coming down the hill from Wasatch Blvd). From the traffic signs I have always been under the impression that the traffic driving eastbound has the right of way on the on ramp and the traffic driving westbound is to yield because of the two yield signs posted. This is illustrated in my attached photo. Now to my issue. In my experience where traffic from both directions are utilizing the on ramp at the same time, westbound 6200 South traffic hardly ever yields. I have kept tallies in my daily driving and my best estimate is 7/10 cars coming from westbound 6200 South do not yield. Since I feel I have the right of way I do not yield to them either (being as defensive on my side as possible so not to cause an accident). In so doing I have been honked at, flashed with lights, “flipped off”, and road ragged against because the westbound traffic seems to not see the Yield sign in their lane. If I am experiencing this so frequently, I assume other local drivers are as well. Surely there is something that can be done that is cost efficient but will also help fix this problem. One thought I have had is to install red flashing lights around the yield sign so to get drivers’ attention. This has been done around the Salt Lake Valley and has seemed to be effective where they are used.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Q. What direction were you traveling when you noticed a problem?
A. Eastbound
Q. What type of problem did you notice?
A. Sign unclear


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