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We are concerned with two fence sections shown in blue on the image of the building permit.

The fence was permitted to measure 75 feet along the side farthest from Evergreen. It, in fact, measures more than 85 feet from the back corner county property marker to Avondale Circle. The extra 10 feet extends the fence onto the Avondale Circle county property right of way. This means that all of the section that is parallel to Avondale is built on county right of way.

Secondly, the adjacent neighbor on Avondale Circle cannot see properly when turning out of his driveway onto Avondale Circle because the fence is too close to the street. It is a safety hazard.

Last, the fence has become a drainage barrier. When it rains the street has standing water that does not dissipate due to the construction of the cinder block fence base which is in effect a drainage dam. The fence keeps the water from flowing naturally off the street. It is especially saddening and concerning because we worked with the county about 3 years ago to have the poor drainage situation, in exactly that location, fixed. Now, because of the cinder block wall, the same problem has returned. It seems that all the work to fix the problem was a waste of county resources and taxpayer dollars.

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