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Roadway Markings - Traffic Lanes-Crosswalks Acknowledged

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Roadway Markings - Traffic Lanes-Crosswalks


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This stretch of Harrington Street just south of North Street and the RR crossing is extremely hazardous. There is no sidewalk, no markings, no stop sign. Two cars are allowed to park in the spot where pedestrians or cyclists would walk/ride. A steep curb/berm prevents any escape from speeding cars (who can now exit Capitol Blvd and, without stopping, turn left on Harrington and speed up the street.

I walk to work downtown and back every day, and hundreds of my neighbors in Glenwood South would like to use this route.

My request: 1) Remove those two parking places 2) Mark a skinny lane along both sides of Harrington Street, for pedestrians/cyclists/scooters 3) Require developers of lots just south of the tracks to install sidewalks, and require property owners to keep this stretch clear of vehicles, litter, etc.

Suzanne Levinson
400 N. West Street


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