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East Raleigh

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309 Dickens Dr has been abandoned since 2010. Since then, the retaining wall is failing and the outside storage house is falling down. The house has vines growing inside the windows and the entire yard is collapsing onto my property. I have complained to our HOA, the city, and my Insurance company. I’ve written her a certified letter. She is deceased now... and It seems that damage has to take place before anyone will listen. The house has had squatters. The police have been called. I think drug deals have happened and it’s down right become a hazardous place. Its a safety concern and needs to be addressed. I don’t think it’s right that I have to look at this and fear this daily. Please help. I’m trying to send photos but I’m not sure if I can send them all. This needs to be seen in person.
Thank you
Michelle Fuquay
305 Dickens Dr

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