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QUESTION: How do we report issues using SeeClickFix if there are no categories that fit the issue being reported?

The City of New Haven has just recently updated their SeeClickFix platform. Included with this update has been a change to the categories from which users can choose when reporting issues. Some of the categories have been removed and a few new ones have been added.

The scope of categories from which we can choose is more limited than it was before the update. There used to be a category called, "Other - City Responsibility". It has been removed.

I understand it seemed like a good idea to have that category removed. That category made it difficult for our city's employees to keep track of issues and also made it difficult to accurately measure the performance metrics; however, without that category each user must choose a category that might not accurately reflect the issue being reported.

The available categories are as follows:

Bicycle Rack Request
Bus Shelters
Drainage Request
Health Dept.
Illegal Dumping
Library Issues
NHFD - Fire Hazard
NHFD - Fire Hydrants
NHFD - Fire Safety Concern
NHFD - Fire Violation
Neighborhood News
Parking Meter
Parking Violation/Abandoned Auto
Parks Request
Pavement Markings
Private Property Issue
Public Space, Streets and Drains
Sidewalks and Curb damage
Street Lamp
Street Vendors
Traffic Signal / Pedestrian Signal
Trash & Recycling
Tree Trimming
CT Transit - New Haven:
- General Bus Request/Incident
Could Be Fund:
- This Could Be...
- Post to Neighbors

By the way, if anyone accesses SeeClickFix via our city's website, you will not be presented with all of the categories. The following categories are missing from SeeClickFix at the following URL:

CT Transit - New Haven:
- General Bus Request/Incident
Could Be Fund:
- This Could Be...

As an example of this problem, how can SeeClickFix be used to report problems about our city's website? As time goes by, New Haven's website at is in need of updates both organizationally and technically.


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