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City of Tukwila


Overgrown Brush/Trees


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My mother-in-law Betty Hirano who is 95 years old has lived in this house since it was built in 1960 and farmed the land that the Tukwila Community Center/Park now sits on. She has talked with the city previously about the concern she has with the trees that the city planted along the property line between the park and her house (a concern that was actually brought up during the public planning meetings prior to the construction of the park). The trees have grown to the point where they have become not only a nuisance (moss on the shaded roof, leaves in gutters, etc.) but becoming a danger to the house with limbs overhanging the roof. Betty (and I) have contacted the city about these concerns previously and talked with Kris Kelly, Park Supervisor, who came out and visited with us some time ago. We asked if the city would trim the trees back and clean up the leaves. He said that the problem with that is if they did it for one neighbor they would have to do it for all neighbors (setting a precedent), the cost of trimming the trees, that if you trim the trees you might make them unstable, and the trees were not overhanging the house (I disagreed with that). We were under the impression that he was going to talk with his supervisor about Betty's concerns, there was no resolution. Currently we see that the city is trimming trees in the park using equipment to lift a operator up in order to trim trees, I assume for people/property safety. Could they trim the park trees that are on city property along the property line (east side of park) with Betty Hirano's house, for people/property safety of your neighbors?

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Q. Is the overgrown brush/tree on public or private property?
A. Public

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