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I have adopted this island(bump out) through the program created by the city - It has a dedication sign in honor of my parents and I take special care to make it nice. - the city started everyone one of these bump outs with a beginner schematic. Since then, I have added my own bulbs and various plants at my own expense - over the course of the last seven or eight years , things have been taken out. - I have caught the owner of 115 Upland road doing just that, and have addressed her and so has my sister, and the city's landscape architect who has run the program - she has stolen echinacea, my narcissus jonquils , muscari bulbs, allium bulbs a rose shrub - has cut into my miscanthus and even tried to take a giant rock - I caught her there with a wagon /dolly of sorts. I have asked her to put back the bulbs she has taken and she left them there in a pile . some have ended up on her island on upland and Washington and some I see on her property - I know I cant prove it, but I did see her digging them out of my garden ! two years ago I replenished all the echinacea , that were all dug up - I put 17 new plants - this spring I had maybe eight left. the ones I had left were being cut for personal selfish reasons. I am really at the end of my patience and the city landscape architect gave me signs to request to "keep out of the garden " that are around the city landscaped areas > well this fall when I did my pruning and cleanup, I came back to discover the signs have been stolen. this woman has been told by me, other members of my family, the city landscape architect ( who she claims to be working for ) ((bold faced lie ))- to stay away from this garden and only tend to her own Ive even spoken to her husband , who I have caught digging in there. they have no good reason to disturb my area , and claim they are taking care of neglected gardens . THEY ARE STEALING plain and simple. I posed the question to the husband- why not care for the opposite corner at walnut and upland that has no one, it is overrun and needs a lot of work - instead they invade my well maintained well manicured island like its their job . Please help me keep them in their assigned spot. I am very upset they feel entitled to just take things that don't belong to them, whether put there by the city or at my own expense . I know for a fact at the beginning of this project she was very upset her island did not have any rose bushes , and let people know, then , mysteriously one rose bush was missing from my island and one was in the island that originally had none -Im very angry about this whole matter - please help!

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