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Henry County, GA


Roadside Litter Pickup


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All of these streets need litter pick up they all have so much litter everywhere the litter is deliberately and intentionally be thrown around Mcdonough,Stockbridge and Locust Grove Georgia every week. Something need to be done because this need to stop. The picture dose not show all of the street listed how much litter and some trash is lying around.

The Henry county commissioners and dot supervisors need to take a ride around Henry county in all the areas listed and they can see just how much litter has just been accumulating and thrown all over the streets it is awful.

This is an eyesore and disgusting to the residents that live in these cities of Henry county , we are paying high taxes like other counties but Henry county is the only county where there is litter all over each street they @#$% near have. I never seen nothing like this.

Highway 42 near Highway 138 Stockbridge Georgia have abandoned tires on a side road that has been there for 1 year across from the chevron gas station and DOT have not even removed them.

also asked...
Q. Please provide the nearest landmark or intersection.
A. Oak grove road -(Mcdonough ) Willow Lane -(Mcdonough ) Daily Mill -(Mcdonough ) Hwy 155 -(Mcdonough ) Foster Drive- (Mcdonough) Jonesboro Road -(Mcdonough ) Hwy 42/hwy 138; hwy 42/ Jodeco Road; hwy 42/Brandon Road (Mcdonough and Stockbridge ) Jodeco Road / oak grove road -(Mcdonough ) Bridges Road -(Mcdonough ) Kelly Road -(Mcdonough ) Patrick Henry Parkway/ Jodeco Road -(Stockbridge ) Rock Quarry -(Stockbridge ) Mcdonough Parkway -(Mcdonough ) Industrial Boulevard -(Mcdonough ) Hampton-Mcdonough -(Mcdonough ) Industrial Parkway -(Mcdonough )

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