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DPW Drainage/Flooding Issue


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There have been significant volumes of water flowing down Edgewood Drive to the corner of Carlgate Road into the drain. In the last week, the flow turned into ice on top and some flow is continuing between the street surface. The ice is causing safety issue for pedestrians and vehicles. The attached picture shows the flow/ice from Edgewood to Carlgate. I was surprised that at least three Town employees who assisted me today we're aware of this situation. The pictured driveway is mine (4 Carlgate Road) and this ice buildup is not only an inconvenience, but most importantly a safety hazard to my wife, myself, my visiting children and grandchildren. Pedestrians walk in the middle of the street to avoid this problem. I would not want anyone to be hurt due to this situation, and the resulting impact it will have on others. I have several photos which show the severity of this situation, but this site would only allow one picture. Please distribute this "Action Need Request" as appropriate and contact me to discuss next steps. Neighbors are also concerned about this water/ice issue. Thank you for assisting in this matter.

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Q. What is the problem?
A. Flooding
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A. Street

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