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Code Enforcement Issues -- Private Property


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This has been a issue for at least 6 months now and it’s starting to get frustrating
It’s said they came here and spoke to the condo representative which has happened but 28 Suffolk street apt 1 has been continuously been parking on the front lawn and does not care
This really needs to be resolved and not just with acknowledged they have no respect for the laws and bylaws of the city
The representative for the condo association has even went as far to put marker spikes in the ground and they ripped them out
Today I called the police department dispatch and they said it’s the condo association issue cause it’s on private property
So does that mean that all the condos get special privileges especially the ones across the street being built ant the new ones proposed to be on Suffolk street
The I oppose any condo being build on Suffolk street
This has been going on for to long and needs to be fixed cause if the city don’t have a issue with a car being parked on the front lawn I’ll park there
Thank you and I hope for this issue to be resolved soon

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