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City of St. Petersburg


Sidewalk/Curb Repair


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Issue continues to be Archived without being fixed. Marijuana leaf, RIP, various other inappropriate symbols and names are permanently etched into sidewalk directly in front of the home. Front of house sits only approx 5 feet back from this sidewalk. The entire length of sidewalk (10+ large squares, and more than 20 feet) are all covered in lewd writing and drawings which were put into the cement when it was poured ages ago. There is no way to remove needs to be covered by fresh cement. No department has taken responsibility, and the issue continues to be Archived each time it is reported. Please address the issue with new concrete. Front of house (and this section of sidewalk) faces onto 46th St South at intersection of Queensboro Ave.

also asked...
Q. Is this a curb or sidewalk issue?
A. Sidewalk
Q. Location of sidewalk/curb issue?
A. 46th St South at Queensboro Ave
Q. Is the sidewalk made of hex blocks?
A. No

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