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Where Kelsey meets Sheffield Street the manhole area is being raised, while the curb side is sinking lower and lower each year.

During the summer when we take our truck camper out, we are about to tip over towards the telephone pole. This pole connects to the electrical pole across the street which has been compensated by an car collision.

During the winter, our cars are required to dip further than normal when driving into the curbside across our driveway. Oftentimes, these are fearful times when we are placed into dangerous positions from the dipping of the street.

This was reported to the city about two years ago when the city was most cooperative by paving the breakage where the driveway meets the street. Now, the time has come for more street work to prevent a major catastrophe from happening to those who drive in and out of the driveway.

I look forward in hearing from the public works department, MARK MORIARTY, whom I spoke to years ago about the street issue on Kelsey.

Thank you in advance!


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