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It looks to be that a contractor has been using an open area for dumping of dirt from a near by construction side (I am guessing somewhere out behind Dunlop Blvd - see below for more info)

Wall Triana from Dunlop to this dumping site is a MESS. Follow the red dirt road. It is especially a mess at the round turn where Wall Triana turns north but both North and Southbound outside lanes are covered in red dirt and dust.

The contractor looks to have taken a water truck to the ramp to try and clean it up, but it only made it all worse. They have been tracking dirt and debris into the roadway all weekend.

They need to establish a concrete clean off location at both the dumping site and where ever they are leaving from. Wall Triana should also be street swept and washed in some capacity. What is the point of cleaning your car if you get a nice red mist every time you drive through this area - which is the main entrance/egress to multiple subdivisions.

I understand the growth in our area, but the lack of respect for citizens/roadways from construction/contractors is getting a little ridiculous. Not to mention - many of these trucks have been hauling untapped with debris flying out the back which is a safety hazard.

This needs to be addressed. Both short term and long term.

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