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Landings Association

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trash, bridge

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There is a growing accumulation of Coors Light cans in the leaf litter on the side of one small section of community path. It's always the same type of beer can, which makes me suspect the same person has been dumping cans here. When I walked the path this morning, I counted 17 Coors Light cans (and there were a couple of glass beer bottles, too).

The section of path is the stretch next to the north gate, between Bartram Rd and the wooden bridge that crosses McWhorter. There are two different areas along this section where the cans are being thrown - one is in the bushes close to where the path connects with Bartram. The other is in the bushes close to where the path connects with the wooden bridge.

Wish we could catch who is doing this! I wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks.

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Hỏi. What is the problem?
Đáp. Other
Hỏi. Where is the community path located (intersection/side streets)?
Đáp. Between Bartram Rd. and the bridge over McWhorter

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