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On Academy between Tramway and San Mateo, there are 14 lights. I have lived here since 1997 and can't remember a time when I didn't have to stop for 10 or 11 of them going in either direction. Except for Eubank, Wyoming and, possibly, Ventura/Layton, all of the the cross streets are approaching Academy are "secondary" lights for side streets, shopping centers or housing developments (like Tanoan). Vehicles approaching the lights from these secondary sources are tripping the lights on Academy so they are almost always out of sync. It is particularly annoying that the numerous entrances for Tanoan seem to give these residents the "right of way" vs. the vehicles already on Academy. Vehicles that are even turning right from Tanoan onto Academy trip the lights, causing 15-20 cars to stop in either direction much of the time so the one car from Tanoan can turn right. This happens over and over again while driving on Academy, resulting in frustrated drivers, inflated fuel costs and unnecessary environmental pollution due to idling vehicles. As one example, after stopping for the red light at Eubank, the light just a block up at the first Tanoan entrance normally turns red just as you approach it. It seems to me that the lights from side streets and housing developments should only trip the lights at the next regular cycle, not immediately upon approaching it as this practice is what botches up the entire synchronization along Academy. Can the city fix the lights on Academy so that they make sense?

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