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Trash all over property EVEN ON POWER LINES Archived

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This property has an overflow of trash everywhere. The recycle bin has plastic bags holding recycle items but the truck won't pick it up because of the plastic. It Stinks because it's been there sooooo long! There is even a bag of trash that someone threw up on the power lines about 3-mos ago & it's just dangling there and a car tire has been abandoned. It appears that they just open their back door and sling bags of trash out onto the yard. Trash blows everywhere because the animals scratch it open and it lands up ends up in my yard! This is an ongoing problem at this property. My last issue report #4560075 was on June 13, 2018 and nothing has really changed. It just piles up. One day, I caught a small boy in the upstairs unit trying to burn his trash in a mesh waste basket in the yard. He was going to just put the burning ashes in the waste bins full of trash without first putting water on it & told him this should not be done. This is becoming a hazard! Please help! This is disgusting.


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