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Property Maintenance & Code Violations


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This is a request for assistance in confirming/checking on a code issue. This house has a new owner who is doing a lot of DIY repair on the property. This past week, he re-vented the gas furnace. The exhaust pipe (PVC)he installed exits the house from the north side and is blowing carbon monoxide exhaust directly into our driveway (right next to our cars) and aimed at our house. We have a narrow space of no more than 10-12 ft between our house and this house. We own the driveway. Our house has multiple windows facing this property. My question is, does this present a safety concern? Is it OK to side vent a furnace? Previously, I believe it vented through a chimney exiting from the roof. I would like to know if the pipe install appears up to spec and if there are any safety concerns. The owner is a nice guy but I think he's doing this remodel on a budget and we're not seeing anyone who looks like an actual professional working on the systems in the house.


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