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Blocked Catch Basin Acknowledged

20176 Ardmore St Detroit, MI, 48235, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Blocked Catch Basin


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This is my second report of this blocked sewer and I'm hoping something will be done this time.
When ever there is precipitation the drain in front of the house next door is blocked and water floods my driveway and lawn making it nearly impossible to enter my driveway. This one is the worst. There are others on the street that have the same problem but not as severe as the one next to my driveway. Please help me, I'm a senior citizen and I am unable to physically remove any debris that might be at fault.

also asked...
Q. Where is the blocked basin?
A. Street
Q. What is the nearest address to the blocked basin, or the street name?
A. 20174 or 20176 Ardmore, Detroit 48235
Q. 1st Street:
A. Chippawa
Q. 2nd Street:
A. Norfolk

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