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JUNK ACCUMULATION-The occupant at Lot #333 in the Treasure Village MHP, is, I think ,the owner of the structure. In the two years or so that he has occupied that home he has steadily accumulated a broad assortment of items, that would mostly be considered rubbish. The park management and neighbors have made several mild attempts to deal with the situation, with little result and only short term at that. The accumulation now, and has for some months, hinders normal resident access between that and the adjoining residence for maintenance and routine passage. Also, there seems to be a colony of rats,under the piles. The accumulation is a huge fire hazard, in my opinion, both for the occupant and the neighborhood. It is, in general, an eyesore that impacts the quality of life of the residents of the area and could possibly impact property values for neighboring property owners.

Thank you for consideration of this matter. I am reporting this anonymously because I am not confident that the occupant of this property would not react even more aggressively than he has when I have approached him on two prior occasions.

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Q. What are you reporting?
A. Junk/outdoor storage
Q. Is this issue at your address or in the right-of-way next to your address?
A. Yes


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