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Cross walk reflective sign too damaged for the new school year Open

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The crosswalk at Inverness and Canary Drive no longer has a crossing guard. This location is immediately adjacent to Ortega Park and Stocklmeir school, as a route for kids of all ages. The crosswalk used to have a bright yellow sign in the middle of the xwalk that indicated that drivers must stop for pedestrians. There is NO STOP SIGN ON INVERNESS and I've witnessed numerous drivers completely ignoring the crossing. It is dangerous for students going to school twice daily.

The cross walk sign in the intersection has tire tracks on it and has clearly been run over by inattentive drivers more than once. THIS IS A DANGEROUS CROSSING. There is no stop sign on Inverness, but there should be!!!

The lettering and reflectors on this sign are scraped off and the entire sign needs replacing. Would be best to get a crosswalk button with lighting to make it safer for the students.

At the very minimum, please replace this sign and make other safety improvements to this crossing--the lack of crossing guard, no stop sign and this poorly maintained sign both make it dangerous for our students.

This can be a big liability for the city of Sunnyvale, and needs IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

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