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Reopen the park and remove the no dogs sign.

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A. RRC and Parks & Forestry please reconsider this decision to lock up 4 Corners park and not allow dogs (this is coming from someone who has never owned a dog in his life). This complaint was filed yesterday and I've never seen you guys move so quickly at a complaint. Cars speeding and blowing through stop signs in school zones. Post office trucks blocking crossing paths. School crossing guards who have headphones on and are absolutely worthless when aiding children walk across the street. Cars doing 80-90 mph up and down Columbus. Just some examples of open issues that have yet to be touched. Yet a couple of dogs playing fetch in a park is so urgent and life altering that we had to move this quickly to lock it up in less than 24 hours. Why is it an issue that the ground is dug up on one corner (thats what happens in the winter) but the other corners which have been locked for well over a year are a disaster and filled with litter. Coincidence? why don't you take a look at the pictures attached....Trash, liquor and beer bottles, dead branches, a DEAD this all the fault of the dogs running around too? As for barking and being loud during early mornings and late nights - simply not true. If there is a rare dog barking, its drowned out quickly by the construction and trucks, sirens, cars honking, kids running and playing.....should all of that be banned as well? RRC - please reconsider this decision and reopen that park!

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