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Debris Removal The hill was plowed but not completely. Republic Services did not come, even though man Tvery b Acknowledged

6120 86th Ave Se Mercer Island Washington Show on Map Hide Map
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Debris Removal


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This street continues to be icy after the storm on on February 10th. Republic Services did not come down the hill to pick up all the garbage from the residential homes on 86th SE, and SE 61st. This area is considered as residential roads maintained by the City on Map. If this hill is not de-iced by next Wednesday, the garbage still won't be picked up which I have been told is against the law.

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Q. Address or location description
A. Hill on 86th SE and SE 62nd
Q. Type and quantity of debris
A. lots of ice
Q. Blocking road or bike path?
A. No
Q. Name of the party responsible for the debris
A. no one just the snow and ice resulting from storm

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