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Traffic Safety (non-emergency) Acknowledged

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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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I am writing you as a business owner in the KONO district. I have had no response from the mayor or the police department. I am one of many struggling businesses in the neighborhood due to neglect of our communal problems.

We are a community theater, striving to survive in a complicated district. We hope to flourish as part of a thriving but threatened small business trend in our area. However, unless action is taken, small business like mine will continue to feel threatened and struggle in Oakland.

My present concern is my employees and patrons. Between uncountable car-break-ins and verbal and physical threats on the street, my staff and clients feel unsafe.

A continually struggle is the parking; immensely limited due to a flawed design on Telegraph Avenue. The inner bike lane, which is continually ignored and uninforced, promotes more hit and runs, unsafe parking, and limited visibility.

I'm worried that our neighborhood is destined to fail unless we get support. I plead for your assistance. I speak not just as a business owner, but as a member of a larger community in and around the intersection of 27th and Telegraph that desperately needs your support.

What can I do to make our voices heard and receive support.

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Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
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