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Weeds Occupied Property Acknowledged

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Weeds Occupied Property


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The Family Tabernacle Church on Tutwiler Ave owns a very large plot of land that extends far back from their church front on Tutwiler. It is a huge, forested lot that is directly adjacent to several other residential properties on Graham St, Martha Cove, and Chatwood St. This lot has not been tended to in a few years and has been extremely overgrown and unkempt. I have noticed an increase in the population of snakes, mice and rats in the past 6 months and I fear it will get worse if they are allowed sanctuary in all the fallen leaves and debris in this lot. I can provide many more photographs of what's going on if necessary.

also asked...
Q. Is this property occupied or vacant? (If vacant go to CW - Weeds Vacant Houses)
A. Occupied
Q. How tall is the overgrowth?
A. 6-12 feet
Q. Where is the overgrowth located (front, back, or side etc)?
A. Back
Q. Is it causing damage or danger to property?
A. Yes
Q. What is the exact location of the property?
A. the far back of the property that is adjacent to the backyards of properties on Graham St, Martha Cove, Chatwood St


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