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Request - Pest Control


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We have a serious rodent a.k.a. rat infestation in building 12 units 638 through 660. Unit 642 rats in the attic and one was in the kitchen eating food. Unit 650 rats in the attic, walls, laundry room and kitchen with food eaten in the pantry and the kitchen. Unit 660 rats in the attic, walls and evidence in the condo. Unit 656 rats in the attic and maybe squirrels picture attached belongs to that unit patio and maybe point of entry. Unit 652 rats in the ceiling, laundry room and kitchen and evidence that food has been eaten. Unit 646 hearing noises in the attic. Unit 648 the worst one of all several captured in attic and six have been captured and killed inside of the condo eating food including dog food. No activity to report as of yet in unit 640, 644. Unit 638 has not responded left note. Unit 654 is vacant therefore no answer. Unit 658 undetermined because the lady does not speak English. The homeowners in building 12 request an emergency meeting with the board and the management company. This is a health and safety matter that needs to be addressed immediately. Rodents can eat wires and cause fires thank you very much for your prompt attention building Captain Ted Miltiades unit 642 phone number 404-310-0997.

also asked...
Q. What is your unit number?
A. 642
Q. Are insects or pests inside unit, attic, or outside?
A. Inside
Q. What kind insects or pests are you experiencing (check all that apply)? Outside unit or in attic is free, inside unit is $25.
A. Rats, Squirrels

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