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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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(My husband helped me write this up as he was soooo very concerned about what I told him.)

This morning, Mon. 2/11/2018, at 8:30 am my children and I were walking on the sidewalk in front of Thornhill school during morning drop-off. A brown, 4 door, Buick Enclave SUV (license plate withheld) at a high rate of speed passed the school's drop-off lane and came to an abrupt stop in the RED CURB zone directly in front of Thornhill school front gates, only a few feet from us which gave us a big scare. A female adult got out from the driver's seat, then got out 2 children (1) K (?) and (1) 3rd grade (?) from the backseat and quickly went into the school. A few minutes later, the female returned to the vehicle alone and did an illegal 3-point turn across Thornhill (double yellow) and went away at a high rate of speed.

Excluding obvious safety issues for us on the sidewalk and parents with children crossing Thornhill, the traffic violations are: speeding, RED ZONE violation, illegal U-turn, and speeding again!

This type of occurrence(s) happens all to often on Thornhill in front of Thornhill school. In no way, should any person - especially a parent or someone in charge of children, act in this intentionally reckless and hazardous manner, especially around our children.

The next time I see something like this I will post pictures of the adult and vehicle and get OPD intervention.

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A. School Areas Safety


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