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City of Malden


Traffic Signals and Paint/Markings


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I walk down Bainbridge towards Pierce every day on my way to Oak Grove MBTA station. There is no safe way to cross Bainbridge or Pierce Street at the intersection of these streets, especially during rush hour.

Cars taking a right from Pierce onto Bainbridge speed around the corner. Cars speed over the hill on Bainbridge. In both of these cases, the drivers have limited visibility of pedestrians as they approach.

What is especially concerning though, is that as a pedestrian trying to cross Bainbridge in particular, I cannot easily see cars that are flying around the corner or over the hill. I am afraid to I will get hit every day I attempt to cross Bainbridge near this intersection.

Can the city implement safety precautions for pedestrians? Maybe a painted crosswalk or, even better, signage to assist pedestrians in a safe crossing?

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