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City of Oakland


Parking - Enforcement

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Our Neighborhood has complained about two of these trucks parking in our neighborhood. Oakland Parking gives no clear direction on if this is legal. Ordinance 10.28.120 - "Parking commercial vehicles weighing more than ten thousand pounds in a residential district." says it is not. Can we get some closure. It blocks our vision when exiting and eats up parking.

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Hỏi. Your request will go to the City of Oakland Parking Enforcement Division (510-238-3099).
Đáp. OK
Hỏi. Please note, this app/website is for reporting parking enforcement related matters and is not intended for contesting a citation.
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Hỏi. To contest a citation please visit http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Parking/index.htm#Contest
Đáp. OK

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