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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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This message is for DOT Director Ryan Russo and Assistant Director Wlad Wlassowsky. Every time the power goes out this signal goes to flashing when it comes back on until it's manually reset. It needs to be upgraded and have a battery back up. The signal at Thornhill and Moraga doesn't go to flashing after the power goes on. Only this one and it causes a whole list of Major Traffic Safety issues in the area with 2 elementary schools (Thornhill & Montclair) and many preschools. People can't get off the freeway because the back up, people can't get on the freeway because of the back up. This signal is only one block from Hwy 13 Thornhill/Moraga exit. Also in the morning you have a lot of kids walking to school. Please have some assess this signal and how it can be upgraded. Thank You

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