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PROPERTY MAINT - Vacant\Abandoned\Dilapidated


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This property has been an eye sore that invites crime into a mostly safe area. It seems that any work being done has stopped a long time ago. Not to mention property devaluation! It either needs to be fixed or sold to someone who can bring it to the standard of the neighborhood in a timely manner! The property owner, Simmons Enterprises I,LLC, lists Brad Simmons as the agent. It appears that Brad Simmons is also co-owner of the new Macon Smiles Piano Bar at 570 Mulberry Street. I look forward to this issue being addressed and not being allowed to continue as is. Thank you!

also asked...
Q. The structure is
A. Duplex ( 2 apartments\units under one roof)
Q. Is issue visible from the street? If the issue cannot be seen from the street, we cannot address it unless, the reporter allows inspector on their property for viewing. You must be present with the inspector.
A. Yes
Q. Are there broken window panes?
A. Yes
Q. Are the doors open?
A. No
Q. Is there structural damage to the foundation, exterior walls, roof or roof covering material? Provide details in description box
A. Yes

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