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Evergreen Road and Crest Road are in absolutely horrific condition. We have lived here for 5 years now and this is by far the worst these roads have been. There are literally craters in the road and they're everywhere. I understand the majority of this neighborhood is unaccepted by the town, but the lack of attention given to this neighborhood and the tax payers is a joke. We have houses for sale in the neighborhood and it's an embarrassment to have prospective buyers drive through here...I'm sure it's a total turn off for anyone looking to buy in this neighborhood. Is anyone in the town going to do something about this? Patching the potholes clearly isn't doing any good and with that, the workarounds the past few years have been shoddy at best. The conditions of these roads is a danger to the residents in the neighborhood and anyone walking or driving through here. Can someone from the town respond?

also asked...
Q. How deep is the pothole?
A. More than 6” deep
Q. Please provide the nearest roadway intersection and street address to the pothole.
A. Crest Road and Evergreen Road (the total length of these roads)
Q. Additional Information
A. No Answer Given

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