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Traffic/Pedestrian Signal Complaint


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Monday evening I was walking in the area and noticed an elderly gentleman using crutches. He appeared to have had polio or some similar illness that rendered his legs largely unusable and necessitated the crutches. He was struggling to move along the sidewalk while carrying a shopping bag, so I offered to carry it for him so he could make his way to the T stop more easily. We waited for the pedestrian signal at Mass Ave/Kennedy/Brattle, and began to cross. Because of his disability, Bob moved much more slowly than the average walker. We were only 1/2 way through the intersection when the light turned green for the cars to proceed. He was visibly distressed and trying to move as quickly as he could. I told him the cars wouldn't hit two people, but when the honking started it only added to the stress. Even though I am an urban planner professionally and I advocate for pedestrians daily, I never realized how profoundly different the experience of crossing the street is as a disabled person. The intersection is wide enough that adding an additional 30 seconds or so is reasaonble- even for fully able-bodied persons. Im requesting that you lengthen the time for crossing so that people like Bob can get safely across the street without having an anxiety attack.

Thank you.
Melissa Garrety

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