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Signals or Lighting Maintenance


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Flowing Wells




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Can you please consider adding a left turn arrow to the east and west bound traffics at the intersection on Roger at Flowing Wells? The other two lights at that intersection DO have left turn arrows on Flowing Wells north and south bound at Roger. There is heavy traffic (between 3:30pm-6pm)heading west on Roger and sometimes I end up sitting through 2 or 3 lights because I can’t make my left turn to head north on Flowing Wells Rd, or extend the duration of that light to allow more traffic to make a left turn on to Flowing Wells heading north. This is a combination of traffic, cyclists and pedestrians causing me to sit through 2-3 lights before I can turn left. Please see photos for more details. I appreciate your attention to this matter.

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Q. Is the signal light malfunctioning?
A. No
Q. Is your concern a street light out?
A. No

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