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Property Maintenance


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Another month has gone by without a return call. I am getting very frustrated. I am still requesting that the gravel parking spot be put back in front of my home. I am having to park both of my vehicles in my driveway, tandem. This is not working for me as there are 2 drivers in the home. I have started having to park my car in my front yard so that my daughter is able to drive herself to school. This is a HUGE inconvenience for us both and is tearing up my yard. The last time that I spoke with someone from the city, he assured me that he would be in contact with me the following week. Again, I am still waiting for a call back. As a resident of SeaTac, I do not appreciate being treated this way. I am being treated as though I do not matter and that is very poor customer service. I am still waiting for a call to discuss that matter.
Nelwyn Derrick 360-430-0964

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