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Parking in front of my garage Archived

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I have complained to this building with no name on this building for almost two years. They stop blocking my driveway entry once I told them the first year then now all last summer until they keep me blocked in park all around my property in front of my home all in the alley way. I have videos from my camera security of grown men yelling at me telling me don’t come over to they church (which it’s no name on the building and didn know) telling ppl to move their cars if I’m block in and now I’m pregnant if I ever was to have an emergency to leave my home I wouldn’t be able due to the fact these cars always block my entry to my driveway. Several times from summer until now about this and me having to go over to this building to let them know they have to move they cars so I can get out! The whole alley way be packed with cars


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