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City of Albany


Vacant Buildings


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I live at 200 Myrtle the properties on BOTH side of me are abandonned 198 the owners took off to Atlanta,Georgia before throwing lots of garbage in the yard so snow doeen't get cleared up the house on the left of me the gentleman who lived there for years was award of the state and has since passed and his sidewalk doesn't get shoveled and both back yards are atrocious and never get taken care of in the summer over growth, garbage. The company that is building the apartments in the old LONG OIL on myrtle have been throwing their snow that they plow in the back yard of 198 myrtle. The Mayors office told me that the company that was doing the building was also responsible for the redoing the roads well they did but now there are two BIG potholes as a result of them rushing and then redigging

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