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RE: KAPPY’S LIQUORS on 746 Main Street in Malden 02148. Please make it crystal clear to Kappy’s owned Drizly Alcohol Delivery Car owner and ANYONE/EVERYONE who drives the vehicle to TURN OFF THE CAR RADIO FOREVER. It is kept in the back Vernon Street Parking Lot. Lowering it does NOT HELP. The BANGING BASS still is going on every other 5-10 minutes. And this has been going on since last summer. They’ve been contacted a million times already by the neighborhood. It is WINTER and windows are closed and No One should hear that car ever again. Have them tape the radio controls or keep the car in their FRONT parking lots.. right at their Front Entrance or Across the street in their 3rd parking lot off of Main and Orient Street. Summer will be here soon with windows open and I’m dreading it. People work from home, keep various hours, suffer from severe migraines etc and it’s rude and inconsiderate to the Residents. They should be fined with Noise Complaints. I hope this is the LAST TIME this needs to be addressed. It may sound ok to them.. it does not sound or feel (you can actually feel the BASS.. yes, even with volume lowered) ok in any way, shape or form from INSIDE of people’s homes. We are entitled to PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT OF OUR HOMES.

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