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Parking Meter or Pay Station Problem


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Yesterday, I tried to park there. I paid twice with my credit card for a spot. Since the machine was out of paper, I was unable to obtain a paper receipt. Mindful of a friend's recent steep parking bill for overparking, I re-parked the car (wasting my time as I later heard when I called the office). But HOW WAS I TO KNOW THAT?? HOW DARE this parking office make me shake like a leaf as I returned to my car for which I had a receipt and for which i had paid THREE TIMES the expected cost??? Parking has always been a nasty experience for me in Princeton. This wasn't an exception!!!

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Q. What is the meter or pay station number? If a pay station please list the zone number and be as specific as possible with the location of the pay station. *If this is after normal business hours 8a-5p M-F contact the Parking Garage at 609-497-7659
A. Univerity south of Dickinson St (how dare you EXPECT a number?)
Q. When did you experience this problem with the meter? For immediate assistance please call Princeton Parking 609-497-7659
A. 2019-03-07T12:00:00-05:00

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