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Streets - Potholes/Depression Acknowledged

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Streets - Potholes/Depression


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Blew 2 tires in massive pothole(s) @ Wood and 32nd. There are actually about 15 major potholes along this road from Emeryville, and safety is a major concern because there is homeless camp right where these are. We did not feel safe to stop (nighttime) and had to keep driving 5 blocks to home/safety. When we went back to take pictures during daytime, an employee of the sound studio said someone blew out an axel near the bridge on a pothole, this entire street needs to be re-tarred and cleaned up.

also asked...
Q. Is there any water coming out of it?
A. Don't Know / No Answer
Q. Is there an odor coming out of it?
Q. Is there loose asphalt around it or is it more like smooth dip?
A. There is loose asphalt around it
Q. How large is the hole?
A. one we hit was about 3x2 feet and deep. there are many more on wood from 16th-28th...especially around the old tracks.
Q. Is the pothole located on a freeway on ramp or off ramp?
Q. What were you doing when you encountered the pothole/depression?
A. Driving
Q. If signage, a barricade, cone or other device covers the pothole whose name appears on it? (e.g., EBMUD)
A. none

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