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The left bank bistro's back area, south east (where the hot water heaters, and cook stairs are, behind the dumpster) have been evacuating hundred's of gallon's of water in the night time from either piping under the bar, or from the quarter inch PVC that is fixed to the side of the building. We think it's the left over hot water for cooking, and they are doing it at night/early morning because nobody can see? Well, everyone in the area is very concerned, included the other restaurant owners and retail folks, and residential folks. It fills the alley with (grey) water all night, and is starting to do damage to both of the fences across the alley. In addition, several retail owners have asked them to address the issue. Nothing has been done, nore has it been corrected. Just this morning, there is evidence of water flooding and water soaking the alleys. This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed immediately. Can someone with leverage (inspector, city agent) inform the Byramm owners (not the cook, or busboys) that this is a clean neighborhood and we don't like excess water from a bar being dumped into our alleys, backyards, and walkways? Please and thank you.

also asked...
Q. What flooding problem are you reporting?
A. Left Bank Bar is evacuation thier left over water into the alleys and backyards of residents, and causing issues for people that walk through that area.
Q. Describe the location of the flooding:
A. Seems to coming from near the stairs, behind the dumpster area, and were the cooks smoke cigarettes'

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