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animal problem

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Enough is enough. Had to contact Danville PD YET again in regards to my neighbors dogs. I had a very nice discussion with officer Touchstone on 1/31/19. Since that conversation(and before actually)I have been recording my neighbors dogs bark whilst being tied to leads for hours on end. Upon my arrival home from work today I noticed my neighbors small dog(they're are two at the residence)on my driveway. I started recording and contacted, Danville PD. My words would not do justice to the professionalism Officer Brandon displayed. However, he felt his hands were tied. The previous two officers who visited my residence basically said "ma'am, dogs bark.", as if I couldn't work that out own my own. Dogs barking periodically, not an issue, but this is CONTINUAL, sometimes for hours on end, and unacceptable. I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week and unfortunately can not take time off to be home during the hours of 8 to 5 to meet with an animal control officer. Although, I fear that may be my only resolution.

All I want to do is come home and have peace, but instead I get to listen to dogs barking throughout dinner, during the work I complete at home after dinner, and last week when I finally had a few days off I am awoken at quarter after 6 AM by my neighbors dogs, which I also promptly started to record. Then today I realize my neighbors chain is SO long it reaches MY property. How is this legal?!?!

As previously stated I have been video recording these events for a while now. I have also been uploading aforementioned videos to YouTube, and will continue to do so. Below are the links from TODAY (3/11/19) ALONE. Today's videos do not revolve around the barking, but the fact that my neighbors are ENTITLED to have a chain so long there dogs may broach my domicile. The remaining videos are listed as private, but I will be more than happy to share if necessary. The videos are short and the last two are the most important. MINUTES after Officer Brandon pulled away the dog was once again punched on my driveway. In the last video someone finally emerges from the home to bring the animal inside.

I encourage anyone to reach out to and I will be happy to supply video. Infact as I type this now, the larger dog is outside, yet again....barking.

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