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Streetlight Issues


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Tucson is the only city in the USA where the left turn signal comes after the through green light. It happens all over the city. We never know when the green left turn signal will come on. It is no wonder there are so many accidents. The streetlight engineer needs to make all the left turn lights uniform throughout the city. The left turn light should always come before the green through light so it can clear the straight through lane. All other cities are like this, but not Tucson. Please make all the lights uniform, it will save many accidents and make traffic flow so much better.

also asked...
Q. Is the light out?
A. Left turn signal before green through light. Make all lights uniform in Tucson.
Q. Is the light turning off and on?
A. No Answer Given
Q. What is the nearest street address to the light?
A. Make all traffic lights uniform in Tucson for left turn signals.


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