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It is 0347 in the morning and I am up writing this because these dogs have had my whole family up all night again. They bark 24/7. This has to stop... My wife has used this outlet to reach out to the city's animal control and all that would hear her complaint on this several weeks ago. This past Friday afternoon these same 3 dogs attached me in my drive. I had to kick two of them and holler at them to try to get them to stop. They had me trapped up against the side of my house and I could not get away from them. There owner heard me hollering and came and grabbed his dogs. What would of been the results of this attack had it been my young son or our 80 year old neighbor across the street? The result would of been very bad. These animals have to go.... they are a threat to the public and a nuisance by the city's own definition of the law in Huntsville.

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