Lack of Guardrails in Medians Causes Fatalities! Open

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With the recent rash of horrendous, fiery, fatal crashes taking place along this incredibly dangerous stretch of NY Route 7, it is unthinkable that this high-speed section of the highway has never had a center median guardrail or concrete barrier installed after all this time!!

All that's there is a center strip of grass! How is a thin strip of grass going to stop vehicles from careening into oncoming lanes of traffic on such a high-speed highway?? IT ISN'T!!!!!!!! This is utter neglect on the part of New York State!

I don't know how this section of Route 7 was ever allowed to be given the designation of 65 MPH and "Meeting Interstate Standards" when there are no guardrails in the median for such long distances!! Not to mention that the grade is too steep, the road is too dark because there isn't any proper highway lighting, and there are far too many slow drivers who hog the passing lane, which is one of the MAIN CAUSES of these types of "aggressive driving" crashes!

At least installing a center guardrail would prevent (or reduce the chances) of fatalities from head-on crashes like the one which recently occurred a few days ago!

Even if this crash was caused by "aggressive driving" as it is alleged, at least the severity could have been lessened by fixing this neglectful carelessness by the State of New York, and maybe nobody would have gotten KILLED!!!

I think it's just an excuse to allow police cars to tear across the median so they can give people tickets, instead of putting up the required proper highway barriers so that out-of-control vehicles wouldn't be able to fly across the road into oncoming traffic and KILL PEOPLE!!!


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