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In the area of Larchwood and Bayberry, in the Heather Glen development, we are being over run with stray cats. I have trapped more than 30 cats and taken them to the spca. All were feral. There is someone on Larchwood who insists on feeding them without giving thought that these cats are continually reproducing. The cats are starting to look slightly mutant. She also does not provide any medical care for them; none are neutered/spayed. I contacted the humane officer at the spca two years ago. He spoke with the person feeding the cats telling them to stop but they didn't. I have been trapping cats for two years, because that is the only thing the humane officer suggested, but the situation is just getting worse. If the person feeding them would stop, they would stop coming into the neighborhood for their twice daily meals.

Limerick Township does not have an animal control department but this is a township issue. I have trapped horribly maimed cats, as well as sick cats, and do not want these cats coming in contact with my kids or my pets. A neighborhood child was scratched by one of the strays. What if that cat had rabies? These are feral/wild animals and something needs to be done about it.


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