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The amount of dog feces that is NOT picked up by their owners.

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A. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to address this issue. If not, please let me know who I need to notify for my complaint. I am a responsible dog owner who walks my dog on a regular basis and picks up my dog's feces. I have been upset about this issue for awhile about the amount of dog waste I must see and dodge while walking my dog. I became extremely upset when my dog stepped in dog feces this morning and this is why I'm complaining. So when I went on my afternoon walk, I made it a point to count the number of dog feces deposits on my one mile walk along Dale St through Aldenville Common along Grattan Street. I counted 43 DOG FECES DEPOSITS - 2 of which were directly on the sidewalk. This is an area where children for Lambert Lavoie and Chicopee Comp walk along with other pedestrians in the community. I find this to be a health concern and an issue that needs to be addressed.

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