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Commercial Work Vehicles parking on residential street Open

2219 5th Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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There are two Commerical Work Vehicles that are being parked on my residential street. This prevents residents with normal size vehicles from having enough available parking. The people with these Commerical Work Vehicles also park their personal large pick-up trucks and large SUV trucks on the same street. At times, this looks like a storage lot from the lack of movement so everyone has a chance to park. This creates little to no parking spaces for the rest of us. This situation creates a "Industrial Park" type environment. In time, I expect it will affect all of our property values. Already, angry words were exchanged between one of my neighbors and the offending parties. This is causing hostilities & wearing thin on the law abiding & courteous neighbors who I feel are being bullied by these "parking hogs".

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