Acknowledged by: City of Shoreline, WA

Light Glare & Trespass Code Violations Acknowledged

1517 Ne 170th St Seattle, WA, 98155, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Please see the attached photos for non-compliant lighting and lighting glare and trespass produced from 1510 NE 170th St. This lighting is in violation of Shoreline Municipal Code Sections 20.50.115, 20.50.205, 20.50.240, and 20.50.410(Q) ~Ord.

There are over 10 lights on this property that are unshielded and left on all night. An additional 3 or more are left on all day. These unshielded lights protrude light glare and trespass onto other properties and shine into bedrooms all night long.

Starting December 11, 2018 I started asking the owner to turn off some lights and/or shield them to prevent the light glare and trespass, especially the lights that glare into bedrooms. On January 17, 2019 the owner turned off one light that was causing most of the direct glare into bedrooms. However, after the 1510 and 1517 NE 170th St Rezone Neighborhood Meeting on January 23, 2019 where over 10 immediate neighbors voiced opposition to the owner's permanent rezone proposal, the light was turned back on and has been left on permanently.

Please make the property owner prevent light glare and trespass and enforce the applicable Shoreline codes.


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