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Everyday homeowners on our block have unwanted cars blocking their driveways, preventing them from either entering or leaving their own driveway. We all constantly call the police and although they do issue a ticket, things are still getting out of hand. Residents or visitors that live in the apartment building on 15 Morgan place just carelessly fully or partially block everyone’s driveway. Why do we pay higher taxes for owning a driveway if we are constantly having to deal with this neusance? 1. North Arlington needs to update their ordinances allowing home owners to tow Unwanted vehicles at owners expense, after they have been issued a summons. 2. North Arlington should mark the street parking spots on any block where apartment buildings are located. This would help prevent people from purposely occupying two public parking spots causing further issues with public parking 3. For residents that encounter these scenarios the driveway curbs should be painted yellow for a certain distance. Painting the curb 6 inches is enough to help motorists realize it’s a driveway. I would gladly donate the yellow paint to the town. These issues are well documented by how many times officers are called to the block and tickets are issued. This is a real problem that needs the towns attention. Residents are constantly asking for help to prevent these selfish acts from occurring. Please do something about it because our officers have better things to do than having to constantly deal with this nonsense.

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